Your Most Basic Baby Checklist

Your baby is on the way and I’m sure you are filled with mixed emotions. Let’s this list helps you feel prepared and be prepared.

With every long list, it helps to break it down to smaller categories, so let’s start:

Imagine our baby just arrives home and today is his/her first day. We will create our list around our baby’s activities on the first day and night.

Wake up time – Feeding time – Play time –  Bath time – Sleeping time.

Also, I link few of the popular items on amazon. Other personalize items such as clothes or furnitures, I won’t provide links since everyone has different opinions, and it’s fun to shop clothes for your cuties too!

Wake up time:

Feeding Time:

Play Time:

Bath Time:

Sleeping Time:

These items will be needed when your baby doesn’t feel well:


And don’t forget to setup your baby registry early