Let’s talk about kid’s toys

You love your little one and always want to provide the best possible for him/her. But when come to toys for your kid, remember quality is far more important than quantity.

It could be very easy to go overboard with toy for infants and toddlers due to all the toys you will get from adult friends for baby showers, birthdays, etc. And yes, children toys are super cute too!

You want to make sure that whatever toys you have can keep the child’s attention. This is why we don’t like toys with random noises since when the kid touches them by accident, they may get distracted easily.  It can also be helpful to have something that is familiar like a teddy bear or a security blanket.

The most important thing to realize is that you don’t have to buy toys, ever. With younger kids, there are always ways to entertain them without buying some fancy toys. A big cardboard box so he/she could sit on  or crawl inside is as much fun as some $100 electric gadgets, and it will stimulate more use of creativity and imagination.

To see if your little one has too much toys or not, pay attention to her behavior. If she could share well with other, don’t throw a tantrum when she sees one she doesn’t own, then you will be fine.

In the end, toys are there to help your kid entertain, interact and build up their creativity, imagination. Use your own imagination too so create or find the toys that you both could play together.

Few suggestions we have for baby toys that you could find around the house:

  • a plastic mirror
  • something that makes noise
  • something that she can chew
  • something that encourages fine motor skills