Tips to help your baby have better sleep at night

Baby Sleeping

Eat and sleep are the two main important activities of your little one. A well-slept baby is a happy baby and parents whose baby sleeps well could have better sleep themselves too.

There are many articles, books and researches on how to give baby a better sleep. We will try to summarize here some tips that we found the most helpful.

  1. Establish a routine. Your baby will try to get around it so you have to be patience and understanding. Stick to it and it will help. So what are in this routine?
    • Bedtime: Same time everyday between 7pm and 8pm
    • Bath-time: Try to give him bath half an hour before bedtime, cleanup, change into pyjamas.
    • Stories time and sing-song: Read and sing in bedroom so they could have some comfort time with you before bed
    • Lights-out: Turn off the lights, close the curtains so you won’t disrupt their sleep
  2. Some activities that help with good night sleep
    • Exercise: Crawling around, bouncing, etc. This would help their sleep at night
    • Go out for fresh air whenever possible. Oxygen will help with their sleep
    • Healthy food around the same time everyday. Avoid using little snacks or sweet drink. Fruit and water are ideals
    • Keep noise level low if possible.