Baby sleeps on stomach? Is it okay?

We all know (I hope) baby should sleep on her back since its the safest position to avoid SIDS. But not all baby wants to sleep like that unfortunately, and this causes a lot of stress to parents.

Our son is the same while he’s around 3 months old. We try everything to put him down on his back, but he just don’t want to. He could cries and cries until he is on his stomach. Now when he’s older though, he would sleep with his butt up and then he will roll to sleep on his back.

So is it okay for your love one to sleep on her tummy? We ask a lot of pediatricians in our areas, go through ton of books, articles and have our own experiences. Firstly, we should all aware that sleeping on the tummy has a bigger chance of SIDS. Secondly, to give you a peace of mind (all parents with infant deserve it 🙂 ), it’s ok to have her to sleep on her tummy *IF*, and that’s a big if:

  1. You have a quality and firm mattress. We got ours from Amazon for a little over $100, pricy but its worth it.
  2. You have nothing in the crib when your baby is sleeping
  3. Keep your baby close but not in your bed. We put the crib right next to our bed. At least it gives us feel in more control
  4. Dress your baby lightweight while sleeping. Comfortable pajamas that cover her arms, legs, hands and feet are good.
  5. If you are extra paranoid, you could get a baby breath monitor as well. We don’t use it so I don’t really know

With all 4 (5) conditions above, I believe you could feel much better to have your baby sleep in the position that she love. A well rested baby is a happy baby 🙂 And remember, you want all the best for your baby, thats why you are here, right? So don’t feel guilty if your baby still sleep on her stomach.