E.A.S.Y. series: Activity – The ultimate guide to a happy baby

Aren’t babies one of the sweetest things that complete the whole family equation? I bet they are. And although babies bring with them loads of blessings, giving them the best care as a parent isn’t as easy as many people think it is. A lot goes in having a healthy and happy child. That’s why Tracy’s book E.A.S.Y is such an amazing book for parent’s looking to at least enjoy a decent life even while bringing up their child. So, for parents looking to take control of their life and bring up a happy child, you’ll find Tracy’s E.A.S.Y really helpful in this regard. So, without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty of today’s article and tell you how you can effectively nail the “Activity” routine in Tracy’s EASY

Activity: What’s the snag?

Child care can be such a tiring and challenging phase for any family especially for young couples taking care of their first child, but hey, this doesn’t have to be so, by following through with Tracy’s activity routine, families can make child caring fun, rewarding and absolutely unforgettable. So what roles does activity play in bringing up a happy and healthy child? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s face it; it’s one thing to ensure your child eats properly and another to make sure they enjoy optimum sleep. So, Tracy’s activity routine suggests you encourage your child into some activities before sleeping. This way the burden of child care wouldn’t weigh you down as you too can grab some rest while your baby enjoys some quality sleep. And although this may be quite daunting to achieve with few weeks old babies, as your child hits the one month mark, you’ll find it pretty easy to treat them to some exciting activities that will keep them awake much longer before they get to nap.

Why activity?

There are many benefits that come with treating your baby to some exciting baby activity routines; chief among them is the fact that through activities, parents can create an inseparable bond with their baby? Isn’t that lovely? Again, by following through with Tracy’s activity routine, you can be sure that you’re raising an amazing child who is not only happy but healthy. Is that all? Absolutely no! Through activities, you and your baby can enjoy the time of your life- getting some good quality sleep.

Also, regular activities mean that your baby learns much quicker and smarter than other babies his age.


So, you know the importance of activity, and you’re looking to experiment with a few baby activity routines but don’t know where to start, well that’s why we are here for you. Allow us to give you a guide on easy to do baby routines you’ll find absolutely rewarding. For some of these activities, you already know them. Hopefully, you’ll get the hang of this, and raise a happy and healthy baby.

Singing lullabies

If you’re a parent and you haven’t been singing to your baby, then you’re missing out on a whole lot. Besides lullabies helping your child to relax and wooing him to sleep, lullabies brings about an unflinching bond between parents and their babies. And thankfully enough, there are dozens of lullabies you could sing to your baby, learn a few and enjoy an incredible bond with your baby.

Provide them with toys to stare at

Who says toys aren’t good for babies? In fact, this activity is super awesome for parents who want that breath of fresh air of not having their baby disturb them for a while. And this is possible because dangling toys increases your baby’s attention and focus when they stare at them, causing them to forget that you aren’t even close to them.

Diaper change

This is another awesome time to bond with your baby. To make it more fun, you could use a mix of other activities like singing lullabies to lure your child to sleep.

Bath times

Don’t you just love babies especially when they are being bathed? I mean, their twirls, giggles and innocent looks are enough to make you kill for them! Well, during bath time, you get to enjoy your baby at his best, and this further solidifies the bonds between parents and baby.

What not to do

Without a doubt, Tracy’s activity routine is what every parent needs especially when they want to raise a healthy and happy child without having to go through the rigors of parenting, but nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to go overboard with this activities. Why? I’m glad you asked. This is because engaging your baby in too much activity can result in overstimulation, meaning your child may want nothing to do with naptime which isn’t healthy. Good news, the E.A.SY routine sample on our website is a good place to start; it teaches you about what activities are right for your baby and at what time too.

In a nutshell

Activity routine is one awesome way parents can make the most of parenting while avoiding the rigors that come with it, and thanks to Tracy’s E.A.S.Y book, parenting has become less daunting and more fun and rewarding. Hence, you wouldn’t go wrong to get yourself a copy of this bestseller today. For other tips on parenting, you wouldn’t go wrong to keep a tab with our blog as we would always keep you updated on how you can make parenting fun and rewarding.