35 things to entertain your new born

  1. Talk to your love one about what you see, about what you’re doing, about what you hear, etc.
  2. Make funny faces
  3. Repeat familiar sounds/ play games with sounds (smooching, da da, etc)
  4. Tummy time
  5. Massage
  6. Sing
  7. Let her feel different textures in their hands/on their body; fabric, leaves, toys, surfaces, etc.
  8. Look at books and read to her
  9. Learning to turn the pages and lift flaps in books
  10. Go on walks in carrier or stroller
  11. Bath time
  12. Bubbles
  13. Mirrors.
  14. Picking up puffs
  15. Sitting up and holding hands
  16. Learning to clap
  17. Practicing rolling
  18. Work on leg muscles; stand up on lap, floor, or something of the like.
  19. Tour the house/let him explore
  20. Peek-a-boo
  21. Hold your baby up like superman flying. Swing baby around (gently).
  22. Songs with hand motions; “itsy bitsy spider”, “the wheels on the bus”, “hookie pookie”, “if you’re happy and you know it”, “the noble duke of york”, etc.
  23. Baby sign language
  24. Bouncing on knee
  25. Games l like “pop goes the weasel” and “this little piggy”.
  26. Explore foods; flavors and textures
  27. Putting things in and taking things out
  28. Let them roll around on and jump on pillows (supervised).
  29. Stack cups, blocks, toys, etc and let them knock them down and/or try to stack them.
  30. Story time at the library, Gymboree, Little Gym, play time at the community center, and/or play time at the park.
  31. Coloring
  32. Make instruments or play with instruments.
  33. Play with toys
  34. Roll the ball
  35. Encourage independent play and discovery; let them try things by themselves before helping.