Car seat crying – 5 steps to keep your baby happy in the car seat

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You need to get somewhere and it’s a must to take your child with you, after all, he’s your kid. The errands plans don’t overcrowd your head as much as the thought of putting that young kid into his dreaded car seat. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. A lot of children dread the car seat, at least at some point in their lives and it’s your job as a parent to either make them happy in the car seat or take a deep breath until you arrive at the final destination.

The restraint these seats offer takes part on the lack of mobility kids hates so much. When a baby starts rolling or even crawling, a car seat doesn’t let them take part in the world around them but there are some options you can consider when trying to get a baby into a car seat.

1. Perform some clearance checks

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Perform some clearance checks

We know it is a hard job to keep a baby who’s resilient of car seats quiet and happy. First, you should perform some clearance before even getting your baby next to the seat, as in a health check that will ensure your baby is in good shape and the tears don’t show up because there is another ailment that will interrupt your child’s car journey.

After a health check, make sure the car seat is comfortable enough. Maybe we see it as comfortable but there are some picky kids that don’t enjoy the slightest problem on their seat. Check for weird bumps, the tightness of the strains, if the car seat is too hot or too cold, and other things that you might feel cause unrest to your child.

Also, it could be a good idea not to mix a recent nursing to a trip in the car. Babies get car sick like older people so that could be making your child uneasy.

Remember to prepare sunshade for your car as well since sunshine in your baby’s face could be a problem of car seat crying. Use the window-stick-on or windows covering type, and avoid any with hard pieces that could become dislodged in a quick stop

Keeping a child happy anywhere is quite a task and even more in a car seat. That’s why here are some tips that might help you through this experience and maybe make your child love the car seat.

2. Establish a familiarity

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Establish a familiarity

Between the baby and the car seat. Take the seat into the house, let him rest there, see how it feels like for the baby outside the car and make him sit there before even walk out the door.

3. Try driving during nap time.

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Driving during nap time

Infants sleep more during the day so it could be a good idea to start the nap right in the car seat. So using your favorite baby tracker app to know when his nap time will be, then you could schedule your travel around that.

4. Entertainment

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Entertain your love one

Whether it is toys, books, a car DVD player (We don’t recommend the dvd player or other screening devices for infant though. We believe in minimize screen time for baby) or someone to keep him company, try this approach. Maybe after awhile, you won’t need anything at all. Our kid LOVES water bottle and tennis balls, so those two items are the must in our car drive with him.

5. Music

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Music for live

If your child loves the tunes, it could be a good idea to make music your best friend. Sing to your child while you’re in the car and that could also soothe him to make him feel like you’re always present. Twinkle twinkle little star, wheels on the bus, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed are few of our baby’s favorite

If nothing works, breathe

The storm too shall pass. If you really need to get somewhere and your baby isn’t cooperating, I advise patience. Your child is going through a hard time and maybe he will love the car seat later, you just have to breathe through this long car trips.

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