Trip to Hawaii and air travelling with your baby

We have great discussions about flying with baby in the forums today so I would like to share the summary in our blog here to get more eyes on it 🙂

Air Travelling with baby:

  • If your daughter is breastfeeding, do it during takeoff and landing. That helps coping with ear pain due to pressure changes.
  • Call the airline well in advance and tell them you are traveling with an infant. They’ll make arrangements for you. They can offer you certain seats in which there is a basinet in front of you, and have any other special considerations prior and during flight.
  • Alternatively, get this:
  • Make sure you pack a device loaded with her favorite shows. It is not cheating. Don’t forget external batteries. Pack her favorite toys too.
  • Get Global Entry (includes TSA-Pre). Nothing worse than adding wait lines to an already difficult day.
  • You will need to take baby’s car seat regardless, and rental car seats are generally not considered safe at all (can be expired, unknown history, and might or might not be appropriate for your baby’s age). As to whether check it in or buy baby a seat – if you can swing it, I would strongly recommend buying baby his own ticket and taking the seat on board
  • For your hikes at the islands, this is the best for you and her (our daughter consistently falls asleep on it and my back is thankful for this one:
  • Baby sunscreen.
  • Let her play with, but try to avoid her ingesting sand.
  • But overall, enjoy your time together.