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Trip to Maui with a 4 month old


Hello everyone,

We are planning to travel to Maui in October, with our daughter who will be 4 months old by then. I was wondering if anyone on this group has done this and can offer advice.

1. We've never taken her by flight before - does anyone have any tips for travelling with an infant as a lap child? Should we take car seat?

2. Suggestions on where to stay in Maui and things to do while there. We will have 15 days to spend.

3. Any other tips for travelling with an infant - this will be our first trip away from home.


I took my daughter through a 6-hour haul (2 flights) to Mexico when she was 4 months old and a trip to Italy at 10 months. You will be fine. The droning sound from the engine soothes them too sleep but even if she doesn’t, you will be OK.

Some suggestions:


  • If your daughter is breastfeeding, do it during takeoff and landing. That helps coping with ear pain due to pressure changes.
  • Call the airline well in advance and tell them you are traveling with an infant. They’ll make arrangements for you. They can offer you certain seats in which there is a basinet in front of you, and have any other special considerations prior and during flight.
  • Alternatively, get this:
  • Make sure you pack a device loaded with her favorite shows. It is not cheating. Don’t forget external batteries. Pack her favorite toys too.
  • Get Global Entry (includes TSA-Pre). Nothing worse than adding wait lines to an already difficult day.
  • For your hikes at the islands, this is the best for you and her (our daughter consistently falls asleep on it and my back is thankful for this one:
  • Baby sunscreen.
  • Let her play with, but try to avoid her ingesting sand.
  • But overall, enjoy your time together.

We went to Kauai when our second child was around that age – it was a great trip J Baby is still portable and naps several tips, plus not mobile yet, so easy to deal with. I recommend a good baby carrier for naps on the go.

You will need to take baby’s car seat regardless, and rental car seats are generally not considered safe at all (can be expired, unknown history, and might or might not be appropriate for your baby’s age). As to whether check it in or buy baby a seat – if you can swing it, I would strongly recommend buying baby his own ticket and taking the seat on board; it will give you a space to put baby down, and if your baby naps well in their car seat then that will be fantastic; OTOH if your baby hates the car seat then buckling them in during takeoff and landing might not be exactly a happy experience. If you do decide to check it in, I would suggest gate checking (and explicitly asking them to tag it so that it comes out at the gate, not with the luggage) as it minimizes a little bit the amount of damage it might take (though often items are slid or dropped from the plane gate to the ground regardless, but this is a risk you’re taking when checking seats in).

The flight will likely go smoothly, something about the hum of the engines often makes them sleepy. Your back might hurt a bit if baby demands to be held or nursed all the time, but nothing too bad. It’s toddlers (who want to move and jump and get bored and don’t understand why they have to stay in their seats) who can be tough for air travel.

Have fun!



+ 1 on all things already mentioned here.

 Only other thing I’ll add is this – infants and toddlers will be entertained by anything and everything. So don’t forget to “read” the in flight magazine identifying colors / objects. Or take a walk with the child (depending on length of flight). Or play with disposable kitchen ware the flight attendants will gladly share. Sometimes the “known” toys and books don’t cut it so don’t be afraid to get creative.